July 31, 2008 3:02 PM  





   Important, super-unique important person violinist Lilia.It is a valuable photograph when Lillia Srabne married happily last September. Accessories of "Rozafe" were passed to the present. Here was also glad to have applied it soon with pleasure. Happiness forever.









 Coffee Shop in Hibiya where it went after last year's year end party all. The chestnut pie there is not forgotten by the volume full marks. Feelings were climaxes because it took to three friend men of the English conversation before it went to study abroad and it went for this day.






It visits a shrine on New Year's Day about 2008. It doesn't do it is every year and it visits. Then, neither ton soup nor the nectar that can be gotten free of charge make it lack after all at the new year.





 It is China Phil's the first trumpeter's Andre, and it is marginate again why (It was thought that China was a very attractive country because of original) in China since twilight of last year and it one valuable madam Angela. We wish to express our gratitude for the couple's really supporting it. Congratulations on the marriage.




Kamakura and Hokoku-ji Temple to which it goes without fail by one of loved places every year. When it came to Japan Mr./Ms. Barthes, it was possible to like it considerably. Anyway, it meditates in feelings done while enjoying Mizcotohori in a quiet place away from the clamour in a relaxed manner. There is a European style cafe when a little going up on the hill, and, anyway, suitably in a little stroll when hungry. The japanese pilau and Mr. who has said for 20 years are one of the Japanese foods really loved, too.





  It is taken by two madams in local, and it travels around Kyoto. three womenIt was helped really by couple's warm encouragement because it had come mentally a little this time. Luxury that drives such a wonderful car (the same car as taxi of London) around on the first. The driver was able to do the feelings travel though music was more far than I more detailed and "Rachmaninoff's Piano conpetition" was better.




It made friends in a large bathroom at the hotel in Kyoto. Edel from Ireland. It was going to supply it a little fortunately on the way of the large travel of turning round all over the world in one woman spending one year. It associates continuously in Tokyo on the second, "Three morality temple" of seeing the movie, seeing the lines of the palm together, and the Pual tea is discovered, and it has spent all one's time for five hours by two people. 。This photograph is time in Staba before the movie is seen in Hibiya.





It is bold production of applying the shadowgraph to "The Marriage of Figaro" on business to get from large senior Chie Hirai up to now that has not been seen.
Commuting is not anxious as every day at all like Amsterdam. It was possible to carry it out while really enjoying it.
Only very wonderful one : the member.
The importance of team work in a true meaning was taught making the pasta of home Italy for shadowgraph master's Paolo and partner's Katherina in daytime. Eagerness of place where I lived really was transmitted, and the stage can really share the expensive time, and moreover, it was unique and happy.



My fortepiano is taken in the first ten days of July, and it has participated in Master Class. Training association in beautiful town named Middelburg where it can go from Hague in two hours or less. It was one tough week while it was glad for teacher Malcolm, Mr./Ms. Barthes, and teacher Uasra to receive the lesson in being able to enjoy nine pianos in such a wonderful building to one's heart's content every day. It was able to be actually felt as there must not be fully one that came into view either again to do music for myself after all without doing the lesson for one year to the extent that overreliance to the reality of no do severity, music, and the teacher was lost.












Kanako Inoue who got acquainted in Middelburg : to my home. It is steady more than I and reliable though was able to do by a lovely younger sister. Hereafter, Ma-po Dou-fu was suitably made. Was neatly made of course first.